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Accounting software for apple

I hope this gets thru, I’m having a time here where I really need
some input from jewelry people.

Thank you all so much for any knowledge you can share, ahead of time.

I have been running my small wholesale company with quickbooks pro
’99 off my old pc piece of junk.

Couple years ago I invested in a mac powerbook to do my own catalog,
so happy with it I am, yet it’s only a 400g. I just added 512 ram and
bought a Lacie cd rw to burn my catalog on cd, saving $ and many

Prroblem: Pc is groaning, flickering and freezing more than ever
although it tells me its 86% free space and I borrowed a friends
monitor hoping that was it’s simple problem, I am a bit freaked as
everything, customers, items, bank accounts everything is on this

Is there an accounting/ invoice program for mac os 9.04 that is as
good or better than QB /99 I hate the thought of getting the
quickbooks pro 4,0 for the mac platform and be going back almost a
decade, talked to Inuit about whether QB pro 20002 would ever come
out for mac and they are probably still laughing at me.

Any suggestions?