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Accounting - Inventory and parts assembly

I’m preparing now for next year’s (2009) tax filing in order to
get started on the right foot as a new small business.

Based on the Q&A I see on the QB/Intuit forums, QB isn’t facile at
tracking a jeweler’s inventory and translating assembly into (1)
salable good with (2) scraps left over. Yes, it’s do-able, but it’s

I see mention of Jewelry Design Manager as a good interface to QB
that solves some of these problems.

Are there other software packages I should know of?

I should also mention that since 1972 I’ve been writing software, so
learning a new software package and even customizing it a little is
something I’m comfortable with. But my experience also informs me
that customization, contortions, and rewrites shouldn’t be necessary
for software. :slight_smile:

Thank you!

I’ve heard jewelry Design Manager is good

Jewelry Shopkeeper does affine job of that as well and exports to
QuickBooks. If you’re into having inventory, you need to know your
Gross Margin Return on Investment. (GMROI). Only a few programs have
it, I don’t know if Jewelry Design manager does.

to find out about GMROI

David S. Geller

Hi Lorraine I work with Peachtree Complete Accounting It has a
powerful Inventory Control Module, from time to time you can get it
in Staples for 100 bucks or so with a mail in rebate, you can track
waste if you setup an account for that, and include that waste in de
Assembly List of the Item Assembly window, Im very happy with that,
I did try QB and I have JDM also but I found Peachtree Complete
Accounting much better in control all the accounting process.

Good Luck

I would suggest learning tried and true methods that have proven
themselves to be SAFE and effective. dont make the mistake of looking
for an easy answer with some fancy sales talk about how this "
product ’ is going to save you work and make you rich besides. What
you really need is standard business education and then some good old
fashioned patience.

All of the high tech software wont do you any good if you dont have
the basics & fundamentals in place. so i would say get down with
paper and pencil first, and even more important is if you cant keep
the parts organized and seperated & under control you dont need to
SPEND money on the computer end.

you can always throw money at the problem i know from experience
what can happen with quick books and the special one marketed for
jewelers anyone who wants to talk about it can contact me off list -