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   I have also sawed fingers, fingernails etc.  Nice clean cut
much blood. Alchol fires also scare me.  I mix alchol and borax
for a fire scale prevent and have got my brush caught on fire
when applying a second coat when the first had not went out.
That really scares me! Joy Reside Jewelry

G’day Joy; Try using BORIC ACID in alcohol; it burns off your
work with a green flame more visible in a shaded place than
borax-alcohol.(Methylated spirits; denatured alcohol) and works

I use one of those ‘click-clack’ plastic boxes - a shallow one
about 4x3x2" with clip-on lid. I put plenty of boric acid in it

  • around a tablespoonful - and pour on the alcohol until the box
    is around half full, clip the lid on tightly and give it a shake
    every little while. You’ll see plenty of the white powder left,
    but that’s OK - add a little more alcohol only when the level
    gets low. The idea is to keep the alcohol saturated with boric
    acid. Use a pair of long forceps or pliers and dip your job in,
    shake off excess, REFASTEN THE LID TIGHTLY!! Keep the
    boric-ethanol container on a different bench. Only then set fire
    to the job, after laying it on your soldering hearth/block.
    You’ll easily see when the flame goes out and then re-dip the job
    in the solution. Don’t worry, you won’t wash off the previous
    coat - that’s why the solution is kept saturated; the alcohol
    can’t dissolve any more. If you do get a little fire DON’T
    PANIC!! Just cover it with something handy and lack of oxygen
    will put it out. If you do happen to catch the box of liquid
    afire simply drop the lid squarely on it and it will go out.
    Only just don’t knock it over!

     / /    John Burgess, 
    / /

    / //\ @John_Burgess2
    / / \
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