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Accepting cc's

Hi all,

I have gotten a lot of requests for credit card This

was my solution. I hope it helps someone.

I work out of my home, do 4 shows a year and have a new website. I

saw too many people walk in my booth, look around and walk out. Some
would ask if I take credit cards, but the increase in sales in one
year tells the story. One year I did 13 shows and made less than last
year doing only 4 shows.

I went with Mosley Bankcard Services. Please ask for Mark Atterbury

(888) 248-3232 or (949) 248-9800 FAX (949) 248-0240. They are in San
Juan Capistrano, CA. The Bank is out of Omaho, Nebraska. They pay a
small referral fee. Thank you.

My system allows me to swipe the card and store the transaction. My

customer walks away with a tape print-out receipt, as well as a
receipt from me itemizing what they bought. I get driver’s license
info., phone no., etc. Then when I get home I batch the day’s sales.

The equipment that allows me to do this is more expensive. But, I

don’t have to spend as much time writing or have to punch in a bunch
of numbers (from papers I can’t read) at the end of the day, when I am
hungry and tired. I purchased the equipment new and paid cash, leasing
is a very expensive way to go. The sound of a credit card machine
intrigues everyone around, it seems to rouse a positive curiosity.
That’s a good thing, for a few dollars more for the equipment.

Cell phone capabilities are non-existent where I do shows. So that

was not an option for me.

Rates may be different now, but "swiping the card" is one rate

(1.61%), manually keying is an additional rate (.83%); plus $.25 per
transaction. (So, for phone transactions, where I don’t have the cc in
my hand, I pay 1.61% + .83% + $.25 or 2.44% + $.25) I pay a $10.00
monthly fee. On a $100.00 transaction that amounts to: $2.69 plus the
low monthly fee.

These fees are taken directly out of your bank account, but the

money is in your bank account 2-3 days after the transaction. That
means I don’t have to drive 1/2 hr. to put money in the bank on Monday
morning after a tiring weekend. I spend my time putting the
transactions in the computer and having a cup of tea. Fewer checks to
deal with.

People feel more secure getting a credit card machine tape, they

know the transaction is done. They feel more secure that I am not
going to put the wrong amount on their credit card. These transactions
are binding contracts for everyone.

I looked into Costco, but the bottom line was too high.

I was a self-employed legal secretary for 25 years. Shopped around

for 6 months before signing. Jewelry is my 3rd career.

Good luck.