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Accent Gold products - Gold metal clay

Hi All
I’m trying to find more information on Accent gold products
What I’d like to know is if I can apply it on white gold.
Tank you for your help

Accent gold and other gold metal clay products are designed to fuse to fine silver. It is a molecular bond. I would think that white gold with all the alloys would react badly with the gold. Especially nickel. A lot of those products are only 22k also. People who understand chemistry might chime in here. I have heard 24k keumboo works with steel.

Hi and thank you for your reply Kamani74 :slight_smile:
Here’s a picture of a ring were I’m trying to find what technique was used to make it.
Do you think it’s Accent gold, plated or Keumboo or… something else
Thank you :slight_smile: