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Accelerating pickling

Hi everyone,

I use a fifty fifty solution of water and swimming pool acid in a
small pyrex glass container to pickle silver items. It’s usually at
room temperature and less than a cup in volume. When I place a
silver item into the pickle, it usually takes a few seconds for it to
complete the process and turn a bright, clean, white slivery color.
I’ve used this method for years. I recently noticed that if I touch
the item while in the pickle with my copper tweezers the reaction
will take place instantly. Can anyone tell me if this is actually
what I’m seeing and why this happens?

Happy New Year to all.
Juneau, AK

I one of the domestic slow cookers to warm my pickle but was advised
by another jeweller to put water into the pot and the pickle into a
container such as a pyrex dish inside. It stops the pickle attacking
the glaze.