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Abstracts wanted for Rapid 2011

Hi All -

As a technical expert recruited by the Society of Manufacturing
Engineers (SME), I’ve been tasked with finding people using additive
rapid prototyping/manufacturing processes to produce jewelry who
would like to give a talk at the SME Rapid 2011 conference to be held
in Minneapolis next May. What we’re looking for right now are
abstracts - short summaries of a presentation you’d like to deliver
at the conference. Innovative techniques and processes are desirable,
as are spectacular results, of course. While this is supposed to be
non-commercial in nature, at past events manufacturers or
distributors have teamed up with customers to present success stories
featuring the use of a particular product or service - we’re just
trying to avoid the “hard sell”.

So please get in touch if you think you’d like to do this. There’s
also going to be a exhibit of jewelry produced with additive
fabrication methods, but I’ll know more about the specifics of that
in a week or so.

Andrew Werby
(See my blog for an article on Rapid 2010)