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Abrasive cloth sheets

Does anyone out there know where wet/dry abrasive cloth sheets in
grits 400 and 600 can be obtained here in the USA? (In small
quantities, of course.) A jewelry teacher trained in Germany told me that
it is common practice in the German schools to dress rolling mills,
between major regrindings, with this abrasive. I’ve checked my catalogs
and made some phone calls, but all I have found are sheets labeled "fine"
and lapidary abrasive belts which are too narrow for the rollers.

The stuff you’re looking for is Norton cloth abrasive sheets. They can be
purchased in building supply stores, such as Home Depot, Chase
Pitkin…most “home improvement” type places sell these sheets in bulk.
If you can’t find anyone near you, then contact Norton Abrasives on the
Web. They’ll point you toward a local source. Hope this helps! Best
regards, Peter

400 and 600 are very rough abrasives.
I would not use them on my rolling mill.
If your rollers are polished, the rollers
will sustain scratches.
I would not even use 4/0.
Crocus cloth is much finer.

What means ‘abrasive belts too narrow
for the rollers’?
I buy mine at the local community college book store.

Emery paper 13 3/4x9 inches. Big paper and easy to recognize
2/0 $1.50 a sheet
and 0/0
They also sell crocus cloth.
The first three entries are from the "ALLCRAFT Tool and Supply Company,


Bill in Vista California
the climactic wonderland

Check an auto parts store, generally “fine”=400 and “extra-fine”=600 and
if they label it “medium” or “course” I try to stay away from it!


The best sourse of abrasive paper I have found is an auto body suppy shop.
A good supplier should have up to 1200 grit paper.