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Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me, Pam! Once I make the bezel wire, I’ll be using part of it to complete a sample project from a book that focuses on soldering. It will be the first cabochon I’ve ever bezeled and soldered to another piece of metal. I expect that this first one will turn out pretty “interesting” looking.

A copper bezel is almost as easy to fold over as fine silver; I use it frequently. Tinned copper ribbon is used to connect solar cells together. I got 5 pounds of untinned scrap 26ga 3/16” ribbon from work that I donated to the NJ visual arts center.

This being said, it would be difficult to buy less than five pounds of untinned PV ribbon.

About 2012 or 13, I bought copper bezel wire from Rio Grande. I think it came in 1 or 2 pound increments. It’s in a box in the garage until my joint surgeries are all done.


Your alloy was exposed to too much oxygen, you’ll need to flux as you heat next time. the easiest flux to find in Africa might be borax…it’s used for laundry and already in powder form. Also, try to use a neutral flame as opposed to an oxidizing flame

a few minutes in pickling bath should do it. Careful fragile stones; diamonds, generally O.K.