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About Riso

David, RISO screening material also is sold by the roll, twelve inches
wide and I think is also available in a thirty-six inch wide roll,
for commercial applications. It also comes in several different
meshes from about 70 mesh to a very fine (I think 150 to 200 mesh).
Just cut the size needed. GoGo machines us pre framed screens
approximately 5"x7." When I was in school we used to get several
people together and buy a roll, it would last all of us a good while.
We would also search the school surplus sales for old Thermofax
Machines made by 3M, they were used as one of the first copy
machines. These machines can be had for a few dollars to over $100
for a refurbished one. Some of the newer ones are stamped
"Transparency Makers." The only warning about these machines is to
open the cover and check the carrier (clear plastic belt) belt, to
replace that part runs over $75 alone. They are available new, from
Welsh Products one of the main distributors for Riso Products in the
US, from about $400-$600 for a new one. Over the years I have dealt
with many kinds of silk screening materials and for my money the
Riso/ Thermofax combination is the best bet for my money. No messy
chemicals or retouching when your film peels, really quite durable
for enamels which are extremely abrasive. I love this stuff! Can you
say “instant gratification” ? Many of us can!


Sjartz: Could you give us all the phone or web site for Welsh and for
the company that makes the preframed screeens. Thanks so much! Shael