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About 'primitive' technique: perfectionism and the Artist's Way

<< I’ve seen featured work of other artists in publications and see
how they are artistically incorporating this primitive or crude sense
into fine (i.e., expensive) jewelry and I wonder how they can get away
with it… at the same time recognizing my reaction as a possible
limitation in my artistic development. >>

dave - thanks for the opportunity to quote a buyer’s description of a
technique that works for me: the slightly ‘primitive’ look or what i
call ‘asymmetrical’. she is an erte (art deco designer) collector &
was wearing 3 pieces of his work when she stopped at my show booth.
as i was wrapping up 2 of my pieces for her she commented that she
loved my work because everyone could tell it was an original & not
something from a factory.

what had started out as unavoidable has become my highly lucrative
’style’, along with cutting my own stones, stones set into stones, &
signature neckpiece design. that’s how i can take a 25 cent to $3
rock, $5 to $15 worth of sterling, $5 in accent stones or f.w.
pearls, mix with imagination, solder & polish compound & get $250 to
$500 for it. & yes dave, sometimes i myself, but then i
get too busy making more to even think about it; it isn’t a
your > at all, just a method
you probably want to explore.