About Jewellery Career

Tracey, When one is passionate about something it gives one
tremendous drive. Stick to your guns. Your father wants you to
look at the long term outlook of your life and that is good
perspective to consider, however your bear the ultimate benefits
or consequences of your decision. If you know that you want a
jewelry career GO FOR IT.

Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) has a graduate and under
graduate program in metals. Contact Jim Meyers chair of the
crafts department.

The passion will provide the fuel to learn, earn, excel and

Best Wishes.

Cathy Wheless

Tracey, I had the same problem when I was going to College. I
actually went in as an advertising major to appease my fathers
idea of a business oriented education but it was my way of
getting around him while acknowleding my creative talents an
then at the time I had to declare my major I wrote metalsmithing
instead of advertising design. Now he says that he is so proud
that I stood my ground and followed my heart instead of studying
something I would have little passion for. Now I do not suggest
that you are decietful with your father, I suggest that you
think what your passion is and discuss it with him. I have been
graduated for about five years and have worked in the fashion
industry briefly doing costume jewelry, moved to San
Francisco, and now live in Chicago all the while working for
independent jewelers and designing my own line and doing private
commissions. And guess what I am still surviving and making a
living and will soon be starting my own adventures in the
jewelry show/gallery seeking circuit with my own designs. I
went to Syracuse University. They have incredible facilities
and encourage a well rounded education which means you get to
dip your hands in alot of other mediums on top of your major.
They also encourage self propelled education But I was there
five years ago and alot could have changed. Many city colleges
have taken up implementing jewelry programs and you’d be
suprised at how many scools do offer this major. Nose around,
ask lots of questions and go visit places. If you believe in it
you’ll do fine. Plus without people like us, where would all
the pretty baubles come from?