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About inspirartion - A jewel is not just an object

A jewel is not just an object=85

It is such an intimate thing that it ends up being part of you.

The preciousness of a jewel (particularly when it is a unique piece)
is not only in its precious stones and materials but also because it
represents Time: the working time and the time it stays with you
(sometimes through generations).

It might be the memory of a special event & much more=85 An
anthropologist once told me something, which might seem obvious: a
jewel represents love.

Born in a family of jewellers that have been in this field of art
for many generations was a great advantage. My apprenticeship started
as a hobby in the family workshop in 1984 after school & during my
spare time; then completed various jewellery courses, participated in
international jewellery workshops, met different artists and
craftsmen with different cultures in different countries.

When I started making artistic jewels in 1990, it was difficult to
make people think different in terms of jewellery in Mauritius; now
things have evolved, and this evolution is ON.

My inspiration for a unique jewel comes from the inner & outer
world.It can depict a deep message or sometimes reflect a lighter and
even humoristic meaning. My work is hand crafted and the
technical know-how is essential for the design & realisation of these
pieces, which sometimes involves teamwork.

The choice of different materials and their combination are not only
functional but also gives special durability, color contrast and
comfort to the jewel.

I keep these words in mind while working:

=93Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication=94 Leonardo da Vinci

For special orders, the objective is to meet the demands of the
person placing the order.

The idea sometimes comes from a celebration, a dream, a surprise=85any
clue can help even alphabets, figures, dates, horoscopes, a favorite
color etc=85 It happens that some people grant me a carte blanche for
the design of the jewel.

For our showroom, I try to work on different themes for example:
Time and space, the 5 senses, the elements, mythologies, philosophy,
symmetry & asymmetry, tradition & ethnicity, the digital age, symbols
& graphics, music, organic & geometric forms, the micro and macro
world, soul union (for wedding jewels) etc =85

The =93go-deeper=94 theme is a series of opening boxes hiding a diamon=
stimulating people to go-deeper for the search of truth, bliss &

Mauritius has also been the main theme in the interactive =93Objet
D=92art called =93 tusala enn sel sa=94 (see-video)

Apart from the artwork itself, the time spent watching it creates
its very individual meaning. People feel different emotions and have
a different perception of the very same artwork at different moments.
The purpose of my work is more to stimulate emotions than just to be

As time passes by, I feel that I remain a perpetual apprentice.

Artist jeweller: ravi.s.jetshan

bijouterie ravior
88 rte royale quatre-bornes Mauritius
tel (230) 454 3229 / fax ( 230) 466 1600
e-mail: @ravior