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Abor Presses

Anyone know who might have a one ton Arbor (sp) Press bench top?

Harbor Freight. I have one of their presses. It is pretty sloppy but it does what I need it to do.


Don is it a one ton and do you recall how much it was? I mean I need to get it but i’d like to prepare myself if its a small fortune…and thank you kindly for responding. Harbor Freights got lots of stuff cheap but this thing I’d like to rely on and “sloppy” is kind of concerning me. I thought stuller would have it I guess its out of the jewerly realm far enough. I"m actaully hoping someone has one sitting in a corner all dusty but unused mostly…I’m new to Gano and don’t know if there is a trading room or not…if not there should be…:slight_smile: Thank you

Greetings Paul,

Yes it is rated as a One Ton Press.

By sloppy I mean to say the rack gear moves the ram up and down but it doesn’t have any resistance to it. As if the gear doesn’t engage 100% but misses the mark by 2%. There are set screws to tighten up the gear way but the ram moves about a bit if I grab it and move it.

Because the device is small the handle is short and the leverage is sometimes in need of a boost thanks to 18" of iron pipe. As I said it serves my needs. It wasn’t horribly expensive ($79.00 maybe)and I bought it as an experiment to try on pressing domes. Which it did well enough.

It does need to be bolted or clamped to a strong bench surface.


I also have a harbor freight 1 ton. Does the job for me.

I have the harbor freight 1 ton and half ton presses and their 6 ton press as well. They work well enough. For the 1 ton I use a modified breaker bar as a longer handle. There are youtube videos on how to mod these presses, many of them from the coin ring making community. I’ve recently picked up a 2 ton arbor press but I don’t know the brand and it’s down at the shop so I can’t look.

Do look in your local buy and sell groups on Facebook, Kijiji and Craigs list. I found the most wonderful German engineered 2 ton Arbor Press for $60 on Kijiji!
No sloppiness to this mechanical wonder!


I was shopping around for a one ton arbor press and one
Of the Metal Stamp Addicts recommended the Palmgren … sold at

Thank you kindly Don!

thank you Scott

Thank you good idea