Aberdeen, Scotland jewelry attractions

Hi all,

I will be leaving shortly to see my sister, who lives in Aberdeen,
Scotland. I’ll be over there 10 days, and the itinerary has been left
up to me. Naturally, I would like to spend some time either shopping
for jewelry-making supplies or going to museums with a good showing
of jewelry items. Or, if you have a shop and wouldn’t mind a chat…

I’ll be in Aberdeen/Aberdeenshire for most of the visit, but we are
going to pop down to Edinburgh for a day or so, to visit some friends
down there. Anything around Aberdeen or Edinburgh would be a welcome
recommendation - my sister has reserved a hire car, so we’ll be
willing to jaunt over to a place a bit out of our road. :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance for any recommendations!

(in SE Tennessee, who has not yet begun to pack!)

Malcolm Appleby is in Scotland- his work and career are amazing.