A tip tip

Yeah, g’day; (sorry about the subject line I couldn’t resist it) I
’speak’ about the finer torch tips. I have one that gives a lovely
pencil point flame for very fine work such as fine chain, filigree,
etc. I have in the past chucked several of these tips away when they
no longer seemed to work properly, because the hole is so fine I
can’t get a stiff wire fine enough to clear the jet; not even
stainless 40SWG. Now I find they no longer make the kind I need. A
chance remark in Orchid set me right. (can’t remember from whom it
came) but it is very simple. Soak the offending nozzle/jet in
lighter fuel overnight, but cover the vessel to avoid evaporation as
much as possible. Next day put it in a small vessel with fresh
lighter fuel and give them five minutes in the ultrasonic water
bath. It will then work, or else it really IS ready for the tip
(rubbish variety this time) For every puny pun I shed I should be
severely punished – Cheers for now, don’t do anything I wouldn’t,

John Burgess; @John_Burgess2 of Mapua Nelson NZ