A tip- for polishing stud earrings


i saw this…thought i would share…

Michelle Lierre shared a post on Instagram: "Here’s a tip for holding tiny studs while polishing!

One my favorite things about my job is finding solutions for tricky situations. I needed a way to quickly and safely hold small studs while using the...



Love it when people share tips!


When I make post earrings, which isn’t very often, I make them as a pair on the same wire that will eventually become posts. Remember that the post wire diameter needs to fit inside the drilled hole in the nut. This is usually a 20 gauge wire or .034" in diameter. This means that both the left and right earring are temporarily attached to the same piece of wire. This way there is more to hang on to to polish. Prior to polishing, I give the earrings a rigorous twisting motion to try and harden up the post. Once hardened and polished, I cut them apart, cut the posts to length on a tapered piece of wood with holes drilled in it, use a pair of round nosed pliers to create dimple stops to keep the nuts from falling off, finish the cut end and I am ready to go. I really don’t like making post earrings. Julie’s suggestion makes sense and I may try it…Rob


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