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A shameless plug for a fellow Orchidian

I felt like I had to share my experience with Daniel Grandi at
Racecar Jewelry.

First of all, the man does EVERYTHING. And well.

I sent him some organic objects that I found here in Singapore. They
were seed pods, leaves, and some things that I still can’t identify.
I wanted them cast in Sterling.

THey turned out to be a royal pain, but Daniel got 2 of the three
types to work.

I am currently visiting the US and made a trip to Daniel’s
factory/studio and spent a few hours with him looking at my stuff,
but more importantly, had a chance to see his workshop and all of
the items that he works on. He really gave me the grand tour
complete with detailed explainations, etc. A very eye-opening

I would recommend him to anyone. Not only did he try multiple ways
to get my “pods” to cast, but he is one interesting and innovative
gentleman. A pleasure to do business with.

I just felt that I needed to let more people know.

Kismet Studios