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A Report from the Craft Conference--reply


Was intensely interested in your mention of Tanya Harrad. Did not
know of her, but am very interested in the Craftsman movement in
jewelry and architecture, Wm. Staite Murray, Bernard Leach. I love
the objects and the history of them. Your post reminds me that
that movement was seminal as regards the crafts and the way we see
them today. Interesting that the glorification of the individual
craftsman in the philosophy of the movement was not sustained as
the movement went on and led to jewelry from Liberty that was (I
understand) rather mass produced and houses in America that came
out of a Sears catalog. Of course the design influence for the
houses came from Stickley and his designers, and the real craftsman
houses are something to behold. The Liberty designs were by an
inividual or two also, but the names escape me at the moment. I
will look for Ms. Harrad’s book and other commentary on the subjext
now that you have got me thinking about it. anyone got any
thoughts about this???

Roy (Jess)