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A recomended ultrasonic?

We are a high volume shop and about 4 to 8 people use this
ultrasonic 5 days a week for 8 to 10 hours a day. what is the
recomended one to buy? and a source. we are looking for a hevy
duty one, with heat and degas about 3 or so gal. any sugestions
would be most helpfull

Rick in KC

For heavy-duty lab use, the brand I’ve always seen is Branson.
Can find models with all the bells and whistles. Suppliers:
Any scientific supply company, such as Fisher, Thomas,
Sargent-Welch, etc. I don’t have catalogs/addresses right now,
but any university chemistry, biology, or materials engineering
department will have them.



I have operated a small repair/fabrication shop here in Michigan
for the past 15 years and having been through two Bransonics,
would recommend Guesswien’s line. Very dependable, resaonably
priced and is repairable by YOU. Simply call, describe the
problem and they will ship the module which is easily replaced
w/simple tools. Minimum down time.

Hope this helps;
Steve Klepinge(going on 13 years w/mine!)

Hi Rick of K.C.,

I think 3 gallons sounds really big. I have 7 people using one
ultrasonic all day and its half that size. My only words of
wisdom are to buy one with the controlls separate from the tank.
What prematurely poops out ultrasonics is moisture getting inside
and shorting out the unit. Thats what I plan to do next time (not
so wise after all). As it is I have two units, one back up, so I
have one if the other needs repair. Both are from Gesswein, if
they need repair Gesswein said we should send them to Health
Sonics so that is likley the manufacturer.

Mark P.
WI but I grew up in K.C.

hi tas, i’ve had good experience with a crest ultrasonic. degas
is kinda rhetorical function because if one just turns the sonic
on, it will degas in a few seconds anyway. best regards, geo fox