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"A real Buddy Bur for you!"


Dear everyone.

This essay was originally written for the well known BENCH magazine many years ago! I decided to “Reinvent the wheel” by modernizing the many uses of a bud bur!

After 3-4 weeks of writing & taking 26 photographs, I’ve finally just finished this essay. I attempted to cover all aspects of the many uses of a bud bur! I think I can rest for a day or two, as now I must start another interesting essay named 'Star-Setting". Most of the photographs are already sitting in my archives, but rest assured I’ll find some other series of photo’s needing to be used.

If there are any errors or omissions, please let me know asap. I have that opportunity in correcting or rewriting any section of any of my essays. ** If you wish to print and share essays with anyone, please do so! Above all, this information is for free!**


@gerrylewy18 thank you for all you do to show that sharing is the way to sustain the art. You are the real GEM
Regards RLW


Hi Ron Wade and everyone!!..:>)

It’s a great task that I’m undertaking, why is it? Can you imagine that some days I just sit and write for up to 4-5 hours each day. Deleting some photographs or adding more, editing as many as 20 times during this writing process.

I just don’t do this for myself, but I want as many as possible to read my 55 years of setting experiences. I don’t do this just to get my name on paper or the screen, I’m doing this for literally everyone! One fellow (no name permitted here) he was aghast that I wasn’t charging for my writing labours, or time involved. His loss, not mine!

My Youtube video has reached only 33,500 folks and now my blog has reached only 6,090 readers in only the first 3 months.

Do ‘we’ the editors on blogs, look for brownie-points? Not in the slightest. But knowing that somewhere, someone is finding that their lives are now enriched from my setting information. I had one fellow from Australia send me an email, that he set his first 1.00 carat diamond after reading my setting notes.

BTW, I’m taking Nerve-Blockers & “Medical Marijuana” ( which is now legal in Canada!) 3 times a day just to sit upright and now walk.

So sorry for my long-winded writings…:>) Just learn, read & practice!


Hi Gerry

Your sharing of setting tech has been truly outstanding to this bench jeweler who has been setting almost as long as you. I continue to learn things from you which improves my skills and are passed along.

I am sorry to hear of the meds you need to take and hope that they will bring some relief. I too use CBD topicals and more to help manage things. At 63 I plan to create till i drop.

I wish you well my mentor. You are a very good freind to every jeweler in the world.



My wife, Cynthia Thomas (Dach) was a long time jeweler, then sculptor/artist (pastels and mixed media). She passed away about 3 years ago from metastasize cancer, but while fighting it all, we bought a Rife frequency machine that did giver her fantastic pain relief. It also gave me nearly instant pain relief for planters fasciitis pain. Also help an artist friend dealing with sacroiliac pain (no pain for Cynthia in 5 minutes and for our friend in 13 minutes). As pain returned, they got on the unit for a few minutes for total relief again and could do this as many time a day as needed (for Cynthia she used it at most 4 times a day that in about 2 weeks reduced to no need of use as no more pain. A similar situation with our friend and with my planters pain. If anyone would like more information on this, please feel free to contact me off list as this is not involving jewelry making (at least directly). I will be happy to share what I know about this with anyone interested.

John Dach