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A Personal note from Hanuman


For several years now, I have been working two jobs, one during the
day, and one during the night. Ganoksin, my night job, has
sustained my heart, as I have been getting to know you, through your
daily chats on Orchid. For many months now, especially after my
trips to Tucson, I have considered taking the plunge of working for
Ganoksin alone. I have watched many of you wrestle with the same
decision, do I follow my bank account, or do I follow my heart,
hoping that my heart’s desire will give me a modest income on which
to survive.

I am please to announce that I have made that decision, and that Ton
and myself are now working for Ganoksin and Orchid on a full time
basis. For the last several years, I have been working hard and
investing much of my personal income to sustain Ganoksin. My
original goal for Ganoksin remains, as the largest online library of
about jewelry and gemstones for anyone who picks up a
torch, a rock pick or just likes looking at jewelry. Our Orchid
Forum has grown by 30% percent in the last year. Orchidians have been
meeting and greeting each other like long lost friends in Tucson,
SNAG Conferences and more. Because of this incredible growth, and
because of your involvement, following my heart was the right

Both Ton and myself will work hard and dedicate ourselves to making
Ganoksin the very best virtual site on jewelry and We
are asking you to do your part and help us help you. If you believe
in the power of Ganoksin, then do your part and support Ganoksin.

It is a pleasure and an honor to serve you.

Hanuman and Ton

Hanuman and Ton,

My heartfelt congratulations go out to you both on “taking the
plunge” and following your dream. You are such an integral part of
making Orchid the incredible forum and true industry resource that it
has become; it is only right that you should be able to reap the
reward of immersing yourselves in it without feeling “guilty” or
"distracted" by another job.

I, for one, am looking forward to seeing where the community can go

For all of you who feel like I do, please consider sending in a
donation today to help sustain and grow this vital community! You
can donate at

You can also support Orchid by:

  • Purchasing one of the lovely Orchid pins designed by 2 of our
    members ( )

  • Advertising, or convincing others to advertise, on the Ganoksin
    site ( )

  • As Hanuman said earlier, make sure there is a link to Ganoksin on
    YOUR website

  • Spread the word about Orchid to others who are interested in the
    craft of our industry and art.

Karen Goeller


Just a few days ago, Ton and I announced our decision to work for
Ganoksin full time. The many emails we have received from you have
been heartfelt and supportive. Wow. We smile at each one that
lands in our mailbox. We know now that the decision was the right
one to make, and your notes of congratulations ring all the way to

We wish we could answer each and every email, but if we did, we
would never have time to continue the improvements to the Ganoksin
site that have been sitting on the back burner for many months now.

It has been our dream to have a video component on Ganoksin. This
is now in development and we will be able to tell you about this very

The Gallery Section, of where so many of you have shown your
creations is going for a major overhaul. We have many more ideas to
improve Ganoksin, and it is a dream come true to finally have the
time to begin the work.

We are also in the process of writing books in association with AJM
on topics such as the FlexShaft, Photoetching, Marketing and
Granulation, which have been gleaned from the Orchid Archives.

Many of you have asked how can you help. There are several ways.
You can make a donation at

Or you can visit our shopping site and purchase an Orchid pin.

A few Orchidians donate $10 a month as part of their regular monthly
bills. This consistency goes far in offsetting the computer server
expenses where all of Ganoksin lives. Remember, Orchid grows every
day, as your messages are archived and take up space.

With your support, we will do our part. Spread the word about
Ganoksin and Orchid with a link from your website or in your email
signature line and remember to mention when you teach
your workshops.

Thank you for believing.