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A Novice, Typical thickness for a mens gold ring?

My Introduction & First Post.

Greetings & Happy Holidays from Pennsylvania,

My name is Roy, and I’m 32 years old.

Just joined Orchid yesterday (Thursday, 12.4.2014).

I am a novice, & new to working with precious metals & loose
I feel I might be very passionate about getting started
and working with precious metals, etc.

I really would like to get started with this, but probably wont get
started buying any of the tools until 2015, with the exception or the
fact that I told my significant other about an hour ago, that I would
like some tools like for starters, the hammers & etc. 2014 Christmas
gift ideas. I would like to start at least making a simple gold or
silver ring. Preferably fine silver (0.999) or fine gold (0.999 or
18K or 24k)

I don’t know exactly how I gained an almost what seems a
overwhelming urge to get into this.

The only thing I’ve made from metal (1095 Blue Tempered Spring Steel
0.025") was a set of lock picks. Other than that, I’ve never really
worked with precious metals, let alone touched a piece of fine silver
or fine gold. Didn’t even make that Recon Tanto Point knife I wanted
to make from 440A or 440C Stainless Steel.

I will be shopping at Rio Grande, when it comes time to order my
first set of tools, and stock & materials. I’m aware of Rio Grande,
and respect the fact that it’s been in business est. 1944. :slight_smile:

I’ve been rigorously watching videos for the past 2 weeks mainly on
YouTube. I am very excited & getting submerged working with precious
metals & loose

My Question*(s)*

Q1. What is the typical *thickness *or gauge for a ring for a
"Man" & Woman. (1mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm, I honestly have no clue,
therefore, I can not purchase my first piece of precious stock).

Q2. What is the typical width as well for both male & female

Q3. I have no idea what it’s called. I hear Jewelry making, I hear
Goldsmithing, I hear Silversmithing, I hear Crafstman, I don’t know
what it’s called. What would I be considered if I got into making
things out of Gold, Silver, etc. besides a noob or novice student ?
I’m talking about just about anything. (Rings, Bracelets, Chains,
Necklaces, Pendants, Earrings, Charms, things for key-chains,
silverware, ornaments, figurines, silver or gold small scale
buildings, etc.) Could you please tell me what the name of this is
called? Craftsman? Metal Smith? Goldsmith. Metal worker? I would not
like to cast my items using delft clay, or green sand. I think I
would like to work with my hands.

Q4. How do you harden 24k fine gold or 0.999 silver or even
0.9999 fine silver? Cold work it? Work harden it? I was told from a
video that it’s not possible to work harden it, because of it’s
crystal structure. I heard that from a guy from a video on YouTube.
Do you use a mill? Do you beat it with a nylon or chasing hammer for
a very long time? I was told it’s not possible. But I see tiffany &
Co. has 18k gold in they’re store. I also read online that other
countries will not use anything BUT 24k or fine silver. That 18k gold
is the lowest grade of gold they work with. Also if it’s not possible
to work with this type of precious metal, then I would guess that Rio
Grande wouldn’t sell 24k or fine silver. So it’s got to be possible
to harden it. Please tell me, how is it done? I’ve tried to ask
Google, but can’t find any answers. It’s the one thing that holds me
back from getting into working with precious metals. If I can’t go to
the top, what’s the sense.

Thank You,


Please email me john @ rasmussengems dot com. I can supply you with
your and e would be happy to get you started. Although I
live in sc now, I grew up in kennett square in Chester county west of


Roy congratulations on moving into your lifes addiction lol I would
recommend The Complete Metalsmith: An Illustrated Handbook by Tim
McCreight it will teach you many of the things you are asking about
and is invaluable. I started out in 2005 seeking to learn to make
settings for my hand carved cameos and became addicted to working in
metal mostly silver to start. I too use Rio Grande they have been
very very helpful to me over the years. Wait until you start
researching gemstones lol they are amazing rocks

Good luck Teri