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A non-paying customer warning

Hello Fellow Orchid Members:

I know we’ve all had to absorb losses from non-paying customers at
one time or another in our careers so I will not whine on and on
here. However, I do feel obligated to warn other jewelery industry
professionals about a particular customer who has seemed to drop off
the face of the planet or else crawled under a big rock somewhere on
an island. All USMail is returned to me “addressee unknown”.
Emails are no longer answered and voice mails are not answered
either. The bill is now two months overdue the due date of net 30.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated and I will reveal the name
of the company if you contact me via email. I don’t want anyone else
to have the same problem with this person who happens to be from the
New York area.

Margie Mersky