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A New Kiln

That’s it.

I’m buying a new kiln!

I need it for enameling, granulation & metal clay (all types).

I’ll spend up to $1500.

Recommendations please.

I have a Paragon Programmable and love it. They had outstanding
support, and the kiln is exceptionally well made. I use it for Lost
wax bunout, enameling, and recently for metal clay, and have fired
dichoic glass for a friend who does not have a kiln.

Mine is the paragon E-12 T, which comes with 2 models. Oneis rated
to fire at 2000 F and has 2 1/2 inch brick interior. And another
which is rated for 2250F and has 3" bricks interior whichis the one
I got, even though I have never needed to fire that hot, but it is
nice to have that option in case it is ever needed…

You might want to check out their website to get an idea of what
they have.

I have a dedicated outlet for it, and it is wonderful to be able to
use it when other breakers are in service.


Love my little Cone Art Kiln with bead door

which is ever so handy to slip something extra in without lifting the
lid and losing all the heat! Paid in the $800 range. In the US there
are similar kilns by Jen-Ken and paragon. I did not opt for the
digital extras, some like them, I know me and know I’d never bother
to learn how to use them!


Absolutely love my Paragon programmable PS2. I’ve used it for years
without any problems and I’m looking at possibly getting a larger
kiln within the next few years to allow me to fire larger vessels. I
use it for enameling, metal clay (silver, copper and bronze) and
fusing glass. It doesn’t get to a high enough temp to fire
porcelain, but I’m not a ceramic artist. Their customer service is
first rate, the kilns are well-made and dependable, and I highly
recommend any programmable kiln that Paragon makes.

Sandra Graves