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A Message from Hanuman


The Ganoksin Project goal is to build a strong pool of
freely accessible, for the benefit of the trade and the general
public. If you benefited from our services and agree with our mission
here’s what you can do to be part of our project.

  1. Make a small donation

  2. Purchase the official Orchid Pin

  3. Advertise your business on Ganoksin

  4. Tell newsgroup or mailing list about Ganoksin

Do you have a newsgroup? Are you a newsgroup member? Do you have a
mailing list? Then you can help us. Tell your newsgroup or mailing
list about The Ganoksin Project!

  1. Invite a friend to join Orchid

  2. Link to us from your pages

  3. Help us correct errors and broken links

  4. Help us with spelling and grammar - Tell us about misspellings or
    grammatical errors

The idea of requesting donations is to ensure the continued
existence and prosperity of the Orchid community and The Ganoksin
website. It is important that the group pay its own way if it is to
be healthy. Remember: The Ganoksin Project does not need to be
wealthy, just “healthy” :slight_smile:

Even if you choose not to support the list financially, you are still
welcome to use and enjoy this list. Although the on this
list is free, as is the access to it through the Archives, the
support system which makes this community possible is not free. It
costs money. Please consider supporting us with your kind donation.

Thank you for being part of The Ganoksin project and for your kind

The Ganoksin Project