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A Little Story

It’s sad to realize that there is so much inhumanity among
humans.First you get ripped off by the predator who steals your
work; then you get ripped off by the greedy grabbers who pretend to
insure it at exorbitant fees and then don’t pay off. I ran across
some exhibitors on Long Island who found a practical solution to
both problems.Resting comfortably beneath their table was a large,
affable dog who looked friendly enough but kept a wary eye on
everything. If something didn’t look right to him, he changed
positions and alerted his owner. The dealer said he felt much
safer traveling with the dog, too. Anyway, it’s a

Hi All, I agree with the dog idea. I have a beautiful German
Shepherd. She is very friendly to friends and people of good
intent. I wouldn’t suggest crossing her. Insurance is one of those
neccesary evils. Grill your agent before you sign, know the fine
print. Some poeple think we are all evolving to a higher
consciosness, well we just had some power outages here in Maine
because of the ice storms, and a lot of poeple rallied, but there
were many that got primitive and surly rather quickly, threatening
the power workers with shotguns, and stealing generators etc. Ever
read Lord Of The Flies? Needless to say, I don’t put my faith in
humankind and their inherent goodness. I put my trust in the one
who has the power to redeem us. Ever read what is printed just
above the big ONE on the good ol’ green back? J.A.