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A little story-insurance footnote (yak)

If there is no breaking, entering, burglary, or robbery it is
known as “mysterious disappearance”. Mysterious disappearance is
a covered peril only on an “all risk floater” forwhich coverage is
available, but not at an affordable price and probably not for a
professional - once more the business/professional catch 22.
Sorry, but that’s the way - no one can afford to insure for the
sure loss - that’s the way the industry views it. If its a sure
loss, then the cost of the insurance is the value of the loss and
no one would buy it.

Kathy Dion, CPCU (Chartered Property & Casualty Underwriter for anyone
that cares)


Can you recommend an insurance company that has a pretty good
record on paying claims? How about one where the insurance is
hooked into a homeowner’s policy?

One suggestion that might help for those of us who are on the road
a fair amount of time… Don’t pack all of your jewelry in one bag,
or even chain the bags to your table until the last minute when you
load your vehicle. If someone wants to steal your inventory, at
least make it very hard to do so. I have also given up the use of
the typical jeweler’s grey or black cases. They are instantly
recognizeable to every jewelry thieif out there. Use duffle bags,
sports bags, back packs, etc. Finally, I never engage in any idle
conversation with strangers who seem friendly at gas stations, fast
food places, or even in the offices at the motels near the shows.
You for sure don’t want to tell anyone you don’t know that you make
jewelry or that you are in town for the local craft show, etc.

I apologize if I have stated the obvious, maybe this will help
some of the newcomers in our business.

Los Angeles (Mudville, West Coast)