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A little casting tip

I did something the last time I cast and everything turned out
OK, so I though I would pass this one along. I was running
short of gas for a casting (I use a prestolite acy & air). Since
I preheat my crusible prior to casting, I just though "how about
puting my crusible in the kiln with my flask to preheat it. Well,
it took alot less time to melt the metal and I still have 1/4
tank of gas left.

Aloha, Try a Harris Torch(Gesswein Catalog) (Cleaner and
longer).Most people on this thread are Newbees,but If you want to
do it ,do it right.Sell the Oxy-Acy.Buy a Oxy-propane(or natural
gas) for bench work and a Harris(or equivalent)(you can do
Platinum) for casting(you can do any metal(that we are concerned
with)if not purchase a Yasui induction unit at $100,000+.If I
can help(ASK). Regards, Christian

P.S.You people need to overcome the technical to be at ease with the the
art>(An apology to seasoned veterans).If any one has a rebutal,LET’S GO!!
P.P.S. I don’t want to come across this way,but I can’t help it,it’s for your
own good.