A (K)new concept in jeweler's saws

Lee the new saw (3") is fantastic. I received mine a couple of days
ago…had time to play with it today. Such a light weight item!!!
Hardly know it is your hand! I also had two students try it out.

I have used a German made jeweler’s saw for 43 years! This was quite
a change. I will probably become accustomed to it!!! HAHA! I have
never had any problem keeping the blade tight in the German saw
frames…that little brass knob on the bottom of the frame, when
pulled down onto the table and the set screw above the handle
retightened, gave the blade the tight fit and ping. This new one is a
"one-two" operation. Thanks - that feature is a time saver!

After having a student break blades today using the new frame, it
occurred to me that the longer portion of the broken blade can no
longer be used. We do use broken blades! Dumb or not, they work!

The red frame and handle are really a “standout” on the bench!

Thanks, again.
Rose Marie Christison