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A Jewelry Poem

Once upon a time
In a jewelry store on the Main
stood a jeweler we all know
Let’s just call her Jane.

She had learned her craft
going back a generation or two
and shared her excitement with her customers
who loved her too

The store was clean
the store was new
that’s the reason business was so cool
or at least that’s what she thought she knew.

Years ago, when Clinton was in office
money was flowing daily
Just opening the door
was more than suffice.

But now with the internet
business has dropped off a bit.
We’ made up the loss
by buying gold by the pennyweight.

Now things have turned around
And you’ve bought every herringbone chain there was in town
We must go back to being a retail store
Doing things that are profitable and sound.

But where to advertise?
Newspaper and radio was the thing
Along with TV
Made the cash registers sing.

FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest
Also include our website.
It=B4s all so confusing because
people begin to lose interest.

And the Millennials are another breed
Unlike the boomers before
They are so unpredictable
Just where should be plan our advertising seed?

But alas hope is near
The shop is our savior
There=B4s still plenty of jewelry to fix
And lots of designs to create.

Customers still want it their way
Just like Burger King years ago
So let=B4s get the jewelers bench=B4s hot & ready
There=B4s still many more ounces to melt

Size, tip, shanks and claws
There=B4s another way to play Santa Claus.
Be ready the week between Christmas and New Years
While you wait repairs will wipe away our money tears.

Sizings. band shortenings and remaking old stuff
Will help us put money in the truck.
So be ready to help them this special week
So they can wear these jewels for parties and such.

Fifty percent more for while you wait
Will help your bank account
And customers will be happy not having to wait.

Have a prosperous holiday and a great new year
David Geller