A guide to Jewellery Manufacturing


Being a beginner, when I Joined a Jewellery Workshop i face some
experiences which were very new to me .

Melting--The first step to Manufacture

I along with my guide reached on the top floor of the factory
there was a room equiped with an electric furnace and a Soil made
coal stove on which fire is thrown through a Burner (the popular
mean in Pakistan). Approximately 3 oz gold was put in a soil cup
and placed on the stove. then fire was thrown on the cup . The
pressure of the fire was really high. My tutor throw some white
powder on it ( like a magecian making a spell and throwing magic

Slowly slowly the gold started melting and after 2 or three
minutes the gold had acquired the shape of liquid. then after some
more heating the person (my tutor) grabbed that soil cup which was
on the stove with the help of a CHIMTA and poured the liquid gold
in an iron bar which was hollow from upper top. the gold acquired
the rectangular shape in that iron Bar. Then after a minute or so
when the gold become cold, he shuffle the bar and a solid Gold Bar
Came out.

We bring that to our room and take the weight again.

Many more discoveries still to come
You are free to ask any questions at my personal address
email : @taiba

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