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A great book

I just came across an old book that I thought I had lost. It’s
called. Encyclopedia of Formulas, A Valuable Encyclopedia of Lost
Formulas for the Jeweler, Watchmaker, Optician and Hobbyist. 1978
Charles Lukasavi, C. J Enterprises, Manchester, N. H…

It’s a small print, 70 page paperback that is made up of lists of
hundreds of recipes and formulas like, alloys, artificially coloring
stones, making artificial stones, lots of different kinds of cement
recipes (from cement for tortoise shell to transparent cement for
glass), etching solutions, pickle solutions, pages of
platingsolutions, polishing compound recipes, how to remove mercury
stains from gold jewelry, how to remove plating or soft solder,
solder recipes, how to color a meerschaum pipe (as if we didn’t
know), how to make an impression ofa butterfly in all its colors
(this doesn’t end well for the butterfly), how to make luminous
paint for watch dials. on and on.

I don’t know it’s still available, nor can I attest to its accuracy,
but it’s a nice resource to have available if you can find a copy.