A Good Picture Fishtail Setting?

I have a job to create a fishtail mounting. Not a problem. I have
made them before. However the problem begins with the design. it does
not depict a fishtail setting in the traditional style and look of a
fishtail mounting. this leaves me with having to interpet the design.
What does the person who drew the design really mean, or intend. Or
is this a new standard on an already established setting process?

I wonder if there is availible, a good picture of a fishtail setting
out there? (photo or rendering). I have only one scource for
reference in regards for this type of setting. and it is as old as
the style itself. Thank you in advance and have a wonderful day

Michael Goin

Send me your email address and why? I have many pictures, detailed
written essays with accurate methods on just how to create the
wonderful style of setting. Its hardly being used nowadays, then to
create from a little few holes in metal and then using only the
barest set of gravers. Bead-Raiser, #39 Flat and a 'Right-Sided’
Onglette #2…Gerry Lewy!