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A Gem of an Idea

Hi, Gini! Well, I guess I must be wrong about the year, though I
couldn’t find a record of the correct one, off hand. I never have
remembered numbers well. It would, indeed, be fun to come th SNAG in
Florida. I was born and raised just outside Tampa, but have not been
down for 15 years or more. Oddly, when I lived there, I never got to
know St Pete–stayed on “my” side of the bay, pretty much. Well,
maybe I’ll see you there–

Hi! I am one of those “newbies”, still wet behind the ears…but I
am involved in the SNAG conference and thought you might like to
see into the future. The schedule goes like this:

     2003 San Francisco , May 21-25
     2004 St. Petersburg, Florida, March 17-21
     2005  Cleveland, Ohio, June 22-26
     2006 Chicago, Illinois, TBA
     2007 Memphis, Tennessee, TBA