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A follow up on Hydrofluoric Acid

A follow up on Hydrofluoric Acid.

A spill of concentrated HF covering only 2% of the skin surface is
potentially fatal within a day or less ! That is a 5"x5" area! You
must apply the proper first aid treatments immediately to prevent
death form exposure.If you must use it you should notify the local
hospitals that you have it in your shop and train yourself and staff
in the special treatments needed for first aid for HF exposure.

There is a booklet called “Recommended Medical Treatment for
Hydrofluoric Acid Exposure” it can be obtained from Allied Signal
Inc. P.O. Box 1053, 101 Columbia Road, Morristown, NJ 07962-1053

This came from the SNAG newsletter April 2000 Volume 8
Number 2


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