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A fellow silversmith desperately needs our help

Meet Jane at:

Hi my name is Jen Lane and Here is my work bench or should I say
work benches that last picture is Me hard at work, yup that’s a wheel
chair. I know how to work hard. would also be willing to trade for
anything I have. please I need to make a living. I am making chasing
tools to sell to get jewelers tools. But I am not making enough to
stay fed, as you can see I have very little to work with and It will
be a while. first challenge a workbench that will work with a wheel
chair your sight has inspired its design, now I have to build it.
the kitchen is going to be my work shop but I love my view I just
don’t love packing up every day and lost days due to rain. That
porch is not dry.

if you can use chasing and repousse tools I would gladly trade. also
have a few stones uncut. Jen lane 305 304 9994 po box 431341 big
pine key fl 33043. or email Jane at sailingchefbpk at comcast dot

Would it be possible to get together a list of what would be useful
vs. an unspecified trading offer?


Hey Jane! I could use some chasing/repousse’ tools. Is that something
you make??? If so, where do you sell?

If you haven’t checked it out, you should check out Etsy. LOTS of
metals miths in one venue! I’ve just started a team on Etsy called
Metalsmiths In Action. You can see more about us here:

It’s those like you that made me want to start the team. To support
those who want to learn and are just getting started, as well as
those who are already established. If you list up some of your tools
here I’ll push them like crazy!!!

If you need any help in getting a store set up, feel free to contact
me through Etsy:

Let’s get you going girl!!!

All my best,

Jane, what kind of tools are you looking for?

Thanks, Tim

Hi there was a miss print my name is jen I think they show it right
in a few other places I need almost everything, probably be easier to
tell you what I do have but here we go. hard to think what I need the
most. guess that would have to be hammers, I do not have even one,
and drawplates mostly use round, half round and square. I have 1 ring
mandrel, could use bracelet and bezel mandrels or bezel blocks. a
friend showed up the other day with some wood so I am in the middle
of building a jewelers bench, that will work with my wheel chair. so
I guess any bench accessories of ever sort I don’t even have a bench
pin. Dapping tools and blocks, I don’t even have die stamps As you
can see from my list I learned the old fashion way, so ingot moulds
and a old mill, stakes rounded or flat any type. I have no lapidary
tools at all. Mostly I do cabbing so a stone grinder and slabbing,
tumbler and grinding compounds. also could use some old books I never
learned casting something I regret but then my uncle never knew how
either. well That list should have you head spinning I know it has
mine going and I did not even put down a propane regulator for my old
torch the o2 is working fine but there is some rust on the inside of
the propane one most likely from Wilma. I had cleaned everything and
lubed everything up my old files only got a bit of rust cleaned up
nice. but could use a few more. well there is more like material to
work with but at this point you have the idea. I have a nice buffer,
a old barrel type dremel, my grinder just bit the dust and my friends
pitched in together and got me a new one so I could keep making
tools. have 8 file 2 saws, a propane torch and tank with no regulator
and acetylene torch with one tank, 1 o2 tank with a good regulator
could use a y, nice big set of chasing and repousse tools not not
even one hammer to use them. a drill and was just given a circular
saw to build my bench. a dozen small jewelers pliers 2 for cutting.
some uncut stones. and a shattered spine, a lot of hope, drive, and
determination not to give up, other then that I don’t have a clue
what to tell you. now for my tools glad to sell or trade

they are all custom order for most part I do sets of 10, or
individual mixed set of 10 are $80 individual tool price are based on
type and size

liner thin, liner thick, planishing, modeling, range from $5 to $8

matting, jig, range from $8 to $26

i can make almost anything

just tell me what size type and shape you want. the sizes to pick
from are

1/4" x 1/8", 1/4" x 5/16", 1/4" x 1/4", 1/4" x 3/8", 1/4" x 1/2",
1/4" x

now pick you type of tools

liner thin, liner thick, planishing, matting, jig, modeling,

now pick your shapes or shapes

square, round, half round, tear drop, oval, rectangular, straight
curved, v shaped, diamond, triangle, trapezoid,

did i forget one tell me if i can make it, you can have it

Hi Jen,

I need almost everything, probably be easier to tell you what I do
have but here we go...

You seem to be good at making steel punches. How about making some of
your other tools from recycled steel/plastics etc? How much of what
you need can you make from cheap and local materials? I’m thinking:

*ingot molds from couple a pces mild steel plate and bent squ wire
*hammers from industrial plastics and a wooden handle
*drawplates from old file (lots of filing the backs of the holes)
*benchpins from wood (an easy one)
*swage block cut from wood
*doming block and punches lathed from hardwood


[...] now for my tools glad to sell or trade they are all custom
order for most part I do sets of 10, or individual mixed set of 10
are $80 individual tool price are based on type and size 

What’s the steel you use?

e y e g l a s s e s j e w e l l e r y

Hi Jen,

I posted a package to you yesterday, so you should have it tomorrow.
It has an 8 oz. ball peen in it, a bench pin, and a nice saw frame
and some 2/0 blades. If any of it is redundant, let me know, and I’ll
send you the receipt so you can exchange it. The supplier I bought it
from has a crappy return policy, but a great exchange one.



What kind of jewlery do you make? That would help in knowing what you
need. I am looking at what tools I don’t use or I have doubles of.


Hi Brian,

Well hate to tell you but most of what I do have is made not
purchased, nice little vice from two piece of steel bent and
anchored down two more piece of steel with scrap leather glue on the
inside and two bolts. That is just one, I picked up a few from orchid
to. But still can’t make a regulator. The steel I use is cold pressed
bar stock cheap (mail ordered) but works good and I give it a good
temper. I grind it, sand it by hand till it is smooth, use a dremel
for detail work on matting and jig tool, temper it and buff it, and
give it a light coat of machine oil. As for cheap local material I
have looked as much as I can for old tools like files. But there are
none to be had. For several reason one Wilma, this is the island
that was flooded I lost half my tools even though I took them out
with in a few days, washed them all down, dried and lubricated them.
A week later I was sanding rust off and a month later they all went
in the trash. This happened in every house hold here. Just spoke to a
woman on cudjo who belongs to orchid same story. There is also the
matter of my restrictions I have only been in this chair 9 months and
only just now trying to drive. You don’t let a teenager jump in the
car and head out on the highway. Well just because I have had a
driver license since I was 16 does not mean, I am done learning to
drive with my new found limitations. Still on the back roads for a
while. Thank you for you advice And I really like my home made vice
and would like to learn how to make more tools then I already make.
So please send along any how to’s I glad to have them. I also make a
nice punch just found the same as the one I make in store catalog for
$30 well and to think it was.55 cents to make and I can make mine any
size store one only had two sizes.

thank you to all of you who have sent words of encouragement, I also
received a box in the mail today could not help it I cried.

Thank you Debbie

best wishes to all

I am just starting up again. I learned the old fashioned way of
smithing, mostly native style rings bracelets and necklaces, now I
would like to explore new methods, get away from the traditional,
still like the old way of doing thing but would love to do some
learning, never used already made findings. Don’t think I will change
that but jewelry like every thing changes and grows with time I have
some catching up to do and this old dog has some new tricks to learn.
Have any info on casting? some old books?

Thank you

Jen -

Maybe next time you don’t want to throw those tools out just because
they’re rusty - try naval jelly (at the hardware store, or failing
that, Amazon has it). Strips rust off and coats tools to avoid new


Yesterday I spent 4 hour cleaning a rust off of a few old tools. To
bring back to use some old tools. I don’t throw tools out for a
little rust. You should have read all I wrote, All that was done to
save to the tools and the car and anything else made of metal.

To the gentleman who contacted me in regards to the bench could you
please call again I lost your no# And I guess there is some confusion
with my address

30870 Ortega ln big pine key fla 33043
My Phone 305 304-9994

Jen lane

Today as I sat here cleaning a few old tools that arrived, brushing
and sanding rust off to reveal, what I believe to be a treasure trove
of the most beautiful jewelers tools I have ever seen.(yes I know It
might just be a case of beautiful is in the eye of the beholder.) I
found my self crying. I simple could not stop and I had no idea why,
then I realized I knew why. since I was Injured (at work) and all I
have been through since (have my employer turn their back on me
cancel my insurance and hanged me out to dry. a simple surgery would
have kept me from being in this wheel chair)I had lose any belief
that people are basically good that I had come to realize I was angry
and maybe feeling a little sorry for myself. and here in my lap was
proof that I was wrong. a box of old tools. but not just that, much
more, a step closer to earning a living for my self, proof that that
a complete stranger could and did give me what I needed for no reason
other then I needed it. but in do it also helped restore some of my
faith. That the world is filled with a lot of good and caring people.
I have thanked those people that came to my ad but a simple thank you
will never be enough for what you have given me and I don’t mean just
the tools. YOU ARE MY ANGELS. Thank you with all my heart and

Jen Lane

I’m sure Jen that people appreciate if they can see something of
your work made by their tools. You’ll find good people all over the
world even where the big news is made by warzones and religion
issue’s.The best way -I think- of being greatful is to keep the
circle of goodness rolling. I’m hunderd percent sure that some out
there do not have the opportunity to go online and ask something.
Give what you can on your level and don’t let it stop right there. It
would be nice to show what you can do with tools left unused in a
drawer of somebody.

Especially to Hanuman. Thank you to raise a platform where people
can do what no other gouverment accomplished bevor. Another way of
how people can be the way they are. Gods are made for religions,
mankind is made to help. No restrictions and no religion needed, just
goodwill,care and understanding.

Thanks again Hanuman!