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A fellow jeweler who needs our help

I shared with some folks 2 weeks ago about a jeweler here in the
Atlanta area that attended our Vegas seminar and had a devastating
burglary two weeks later. This one man store came to my seminar and
started using the newest book, 4.0 and was amazed how he was getting
all of these prices.

Two weeks ago someone stole a back hoe and drove it into his front
store front and tried to lift and take the safe during the night. It
didn’t work. Rather than backing out the way he came in, he took a
left and then made a big hole through the side wall, out to the
parking lot. He demolished everything, showcases, tables, benches and
the safe, although now open, is useless.

He’s at his ropes end. The landlord has given his the availability
of renting the vacant store next door and they will fix the old
space. But he has no insurance at all. I’m personally going to do an
ad campaign to his customer list and let his customers know he’s
still in business and wants to continue.

He’s in need. His store was wiped out. One person has offered 2 old
showcases and one bench. He still has jewelers tool, benches, etc
but needs showroom stuff and a new safe.

I have given him the name of a liquidator to buy his jewelry, about
$125,000 at cost and am helping him on the road of just doing custom
and repair and gave out two names of folks who have done well with
that to give him hope.

But if you have any stuff you can donate, please contact him. He’s a
very nice man with a family.

Thanks for your help, his name and contact info:

	Ramadan Arslan 
	Mona Fine Jewelry
	Grayson, Ga.
	(770) 906-7803

David Geller
510 Sutters Point
Atlanta, GA 30328
(404) 255-9565


What a sad story. I hope he’ll learn from this and gets some

I have nothing to spare which I can give him, but I’m willing to bid
on ebay for some stuff he needs. I hope no one here gets the same
ideas so we start bidding against each other. Or we could team up
through IRC (chat).

I’ll e-mail him what it is that he needs and in which colours.


Would the person who posted the about a jeweler in
Georgia (I think) needing help please email me at
@Namita_Wiggers? Cyndy from Arts & Crafts Business
Solutions mentioned today that they provide assistance to artists
from time to time who are in need, and she’d be willing to look at
your friend’s situation and to help get the word out to see if others
can help him, too. I told her about your posting and the robbery. I
tried and tried to find your original note in the archives and
digests. Please contact me-- thanks,


message split

Thank you all for your concern. Ramadan Arslan easily received 12
contacts to help him and I received as many as well. He’s in a
temporary location 2 doors down and is moving to a new location mid
September. He will be doing only custom design and repair at this new
store. I’ve helped him with a mailer to his customer list and has
(thank goodness) contacted an insurance agent. They caught the guy
who went through his store with a backhoe. The same guy used back
hoes to steal ATM machines here in Atlanta too. So thanks for all who
responded. I have attached a before and after picture of his store
that was hit. His safe, by the way, wasn’t opened. Just think of his
problems if they had opened it being he had NO insurance.

Go get values.

David S. Geller

510 Sutters Point
Atlanta, GA 30328
(404) 255-9565