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A different twist on engagement rings

Light of my life: Homemade engagement ring glows when fiancee is near

An inventor’s romantic proposal idea has come to happy fruition.
It took months of work, but Ben Kokes crafted an engagement ring
for his girlfriend, Julie, that would light up from within but
only after he put it on her finger and took her by the hand.

(First, for those who can’t stand the suspense, don’t worry: She
said yes, and she loves it.)

The idea of a ring that glows when he’s near it occurred to
Kokes a while back, but the actual design wasn’t finalized until
January. He spent the next few months slipping away to a nearby
machine shop to work on the ring, which he code-named “Project
Longhaul” though it wasn’t easy to escape his girlfriend, who
also enjoys building things.

“She kinda likes this kind of thing, so it was tough making
excuses for why I was going to the shop all the time,” Kokes
told NBC News in a phone interview.

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Man builds induction-powered LED engagement ring

This is of interest not only for the design and construction methods
but also for the link to the TechShop, a wonderful, though
expensive, fabrication site near you


I saw this last week and read the makers instructions. Big fun and
looks great. My only problem is that he glued the stones in with

Have fun and make lots of inventive jewelry.

Jo Haemer