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A couple of queries...and comment for Suzanne

Precedence: bulk

    Second one.....just oxidized a sterling donello ring setting
(Pro-Craft Silver Oxidizer) and got what I think is just a
fantastic tone to it.....set it with a rainbow moonstone and the
flash and contrast is just how I wanted it to turn out.......What's
would be a recommmendation to maintain the oxidized tone of the
ring.....I'm think Renaissance (SP?) Wax....or....? 

I’ve been very pleased with the Renaissance Wax. It leaves a soft
gloss finish, does tend to tone down the color a bit though, but very
durable. It resists oil very well, and the oil stays on the surface
and builds up to a whitish deposit. It’s easily removed with a soft
cloth. No problems with the patina darkening or losing color.

High grade cabinet lacquer is also a good finish, but not a first
choice for a ring because of extreme abrasion. Works fine for
pendants, brooches and earrings. Because of the high gloss, it does
tend to intensify the patina colors. Cut quite generously with
lacquer thinner so the coating isn’t too thick.