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950Gold to match Platinum

In late October 2007, the annual MN/ND JA meeting was held including
a three-hour presentation on 950 Palladium. Those attending got a
huge surprise when they were the first in the industry to see a brand
new gold intended for use as a two-tone option with the palladium at
hand. This matches the purity and meets or exceeds the hardness of
platinum and palladium 950 alloys.

In the past manufacturers have been forced to use gold of a far
lower fineness than the platinum or palladium jewelry called for or
risk a less than durable item. Now that we see all American palladium
jewelry at 950 fineness or 95% purity, and nearly all the platinum
jewelry just as high we need a durable gold to match

That means a 95% pure gold alloy. This new alloy developed by Daniel
Ballard at Precious Metals West in 950gold is reported by engravers
and stone setters to be at lest as hard as 18kt gold. Pave diamond
setters are truly impressed with this metals willingness to move and
cut as needed by a fine artisan. When you see the high karat color
lying upon a fine platinum or palladium ring with all that natural
contrast you will see what is going on here. This metal will cast,
can be stamped or hand fabricated with common tools. Casting is done
easily with a torch or electric heat.

Contact Daniel or Ernie at PMWest for more details.