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80 million dollars pink diamond



looked at the ring. Really good design. BUT Question was that a
display ring? The claws/prongs looked a little thin.

Of course swmbo wants some of her big stones set like this. What
size of metal should be used for the claws and seat? I think 1.2 mm
would do the job. Also the shank looked a little narrow.

Help me! 'Cause if I make one and the rock falls out, I may wake up
in hospital with something under my pillow I would prefer was still
attached to my body LOL.

Also how much would be a good price to charge for the fabrication of
this ring? 'Cause swmbo’s friends will want one too! And I think it
is a very salable cocktail ring design. I think it will take 2 hours
to make. So in silver I think $100 plus stone wholesale.

Xtines (swmbo) Jewels