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8 New Orchid Members' Galleries



I have just finished uploading 8 new Orchid members’ galleries,
check them out. It sure worth the time!

As you know, The Orchid Gallery is the visual front of the
Orchid list. It is here where we show each other with our


  1. Steven Medhurst - Showcase

  2. Cris Koelle - Showcase of a Brazillian Designer

  3. Allansu - Embrace

  4. Carol Rucker - Ancient Impressions

  5. Frank Goss - Alian Artifacts

  6. Linda Chandler - One-of-a-kind handmade weave bracelets

7 Emanuela Aureli - More Sculptural Jewelry

  1. Deb Karash - Figurative imagery


Wonderful - enjoy seeing all the different styles - thanks so
much - Nancy


very nice. it’s great seeing such diverse work. thanks!