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6 prong head needed

Does anyone know where to find a 14kw tall square bottomed 6 prong
round head for a .50 diamond?

This is a plain white gold solitaire shank with shoulders aprox. 2.5
mm tall and flat faced. It is a plain antique style 4 prong head
with a tapered square bottom which fits neatly into the tapered
shank approx 2.5mm wide. This is a VERY nice diamond and needs 6

Any Ideas? Thanks!

Jay, Stuller has a 6 prong setting (tall), with a square peg bottom
in 14K white. It is #321 on paage 175 of their Findings Book, Volume
36. It is available in a .50 ct. size. Joel Schwalb

Since we’re on a thread of prongs and other ways to set stones. I
would strongly rocommend platinum prongs. When I HAVE to use prongs,
that is the only way to go. WG prongs are also suseptible to stress
corrosion and have a ‘memory’ (want to spring back) where platinum
does not. R Findings has what you need. 1800 422 7624

Jay, First let me comment that if the stone is as good as you
say…anything from .50 up should be set in six prong
platinum…not white gold. Platinum will last much longer and is
much safer than wg. Stuller is an excellent source for such
settings… others on the net will provide you their favorite
supplier I’m sure. Cheers from Don at The Charles Belle Studio in
SOFL where simple elegance IS fine jewelry! @coralnut2