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6 New Orchid Galleries


6 new Orchid member’s gallery are available online; There are
about 20 more do upload… I will do my best to clear the work as soon
as possible…:slight_smile:


For those of you who wish to participate in the Orchid
collective exhibition, simply send me your entry as an Email
attachment to, Participation is free of

Start browsing from the main gallery page at:

Or scroll down, read the previews and follow the hyperlinks

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Beth Rosengard - Showcase

Gio Carbone - Showcase

Brooch. 10 to 22 kt gold, fire opal, diamonds. Only copy extant


18kt yellow gold ring with hand-engraved tourmaline with rabbit
figure and cabochon garnet. Only copy extant.

Ring in silver with quarz. Only copy extant. Casting.

18 kt yellow gold clasp, with ruby and diamond. Only copy extant.
Repousse’ and chiseled work.

18 kt yellow and white gold ring. Tourmalines, ametyst, ruby. Only
copy extant

Lisa Hawthorne - Showcase

Creating jewelry has been a passion of Lisa’s since the mid
seventies, working predominantly in sterling silver, gold, and
With the desire for more color she incorporated enamels
into her works of fine art.

With the use of enamels I feel such freedom of expression, through
imagery, symbols, and the vibrancy of color. I enjoy creating
stories in many of my pieces, portraying moods, and making jewelry
that is fun to wear.

Lisa now lives and maintains a studio in Coquille, Oregon. Primarily
self-taught, she learned her basic metal skills in high school and
then attended the Cranbrook Academy of arts in 1976. She received
the first place award at the 1996 Metal Arts Show held in San
Francisco, California. Her work may be seen in galleries throughout
the west, with the largest collection at the Hawthorne Gallery, in Big
Sur, California.

Loren S. Damewood

I usually work in 18K gold, and it is still one of my favorite

I’ve been tying knots in precious wire for twenty years, off and on,
and in the last five years I started concentrating on the
possibilities inherent in the ancient Turk’s Head knot. There are so
many combinations available within the general pattern that I don’t
ever expect to run out of challenging projects.

Michael Stevens

Michael Stevens is a jeweler in Texas, USA. He works in enamel,
gold, silver, other metals, and ebony – producing mainly one-off
pieces. His work is influenced by microscopic animal life and 20th
century nonobjective art.

Silverfoot - Showcase

The Sprig-of-Rue has been “visually” modeled after one of the most
ancient talismanic symbols modern society has been able to unearth.
This talisman came to be the primary protection symbol for Italian
witches “the Strega”. The initial carving of this piece was done in
wax and then cast using the “lost-wax” method. Molds have been
created, and I now produce this piece in small batch runs.