5000 Years of Jewelry & Egypt

The 5000 Years of Jewelry opened tonight. I live in Nashville and I
have to say it is fab and eveyone going to Clasp should try to put
it in their schedule.

The Egyptian exhibit is not the same as the Ouest for Immortality. I
saw that one at the Field Museum in Chicago. This exhibit is
treasures from the Cairo Museum and spans many dynasties. This summer
Dr Zahwi Hawass came to speak about the two major exhibits and the new
excavations taking place in Egypt. I volunteer at the Frist and
absolutly love the place. You may contact me if you like.

Susan Thornton

The Egyptian exhibit is not the same as the Ouest for Immortality.
 I saw that one at the Field Museum in Chicago

Well, I went to the Frist museum’s web site and the following
paragraph is what they say about the Egyptian exhibit that is
currently on display there. Since this particular exhibit was never
shown at the Field Museum in Chicago, I can only assume that you are
mixing up your exhibitions. Not that this is a tremendously important
thing - but I have been following this particular exhibit through the
US for two years now :-))

  The Quest for Immortality: Treasures of Ancient Egypt features
  the largest selection of antiquities ever loaned by Egypt for
  exhibition in North America. The exhibition includes over 107
  magnificent works, ranging from monumental stone sculptures of
  Egyptian royalty and deities to such luxurious tomb furnishings
  as gold jewelry, ornate coffins, a model of the river ship of
  the pharaoh Amenhotep II, and a sarcophagus painted with scenes
  of the afterlife. Also on view will be a full-scale
  reconstruction of the tomb of Thutmose III, as well as an
  educational exhibition on the ancient practice of
  mummification, which will include both human and animal

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The Frist is the Qwest for Immortality and the Field was the Tut
exhibit. I did type the worng thing. I have been working at the Frist
all summer and have been truly blessed to see it every day I’m there.
The 5000 years of jewelry is one I am really enamored with now. The
work is splendid.