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5 New Orchid Galleries

Artist: Rita Marcangelo
Orchid Gallery:

Rita Marcangelo’s work is inspired by natural forms and expresses
delicacy and fragility. She mainly works in precious metals and
enjoys achieving different colours and textures in gold and silver,
although she has recently begun to explore the use of alternative
materials, such as plastic and paper. She makes jewellery which
conveys feminility and sensuality and her aim is to create jewellery
that women enjoy wearing and touching.

Artist: Steve Satow
Orchid Gallery:

This mounting was created in Sterling. Then ordered in gold. It is
made of 14KY and 14KW Palladium. It containes a 9mm Iolite with a
1/2 ct diamond that is tube set in a 14KY straight bezel. The ring
is all hand fabricated except for the diamond bezel.

Artist: Katherine Palochak
Orchid Gallery:

Jewelry has a need to be alive and powerful, pulsing with its own
energy, rather than a static adornment. I want people to exhilarate
in the beauty itself and appreciate the impression of intensity. Any
art is a reflection and an extension of ourselves, and we use it to
project our innermost feelings to others. Jewelry, as a personal
artistic adornment, is a means to communicate what lies below a
fa=E7ade we present to the world.

Artist: Vince Crison
Orchid Gallery:

I have been making jewelry for over 20-years and enjoy working with
18-karat yellow gold. I specialize in making BLACK CORAL jewelry
both in silver and gold. I also set do molds and lost wax
castings. The majority of my work is entirely handmade and each
piece is one of a kind. I learned my trade from the goldsmiths in
Thailand and can do most anything in the jewelry trade. I enjoy…

Artist: Ilya Maximov
Orchid Gallery:

My name Ilya Maximov and I live in Sevastopol, Ukraine…

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