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[4Sale] Wilton digital furnace controller

I have an older, seldom used Digital electric Furnace controller. It
is Wilton brand, but it is really made by Paragon. It is comparable
to a Paragon Programmable Burnout Controller 120V TNFII-19 which
currently sells for $600 via OttoFrei. This is 120volt input and
output, 20 amps. It comes with a K type thermocouple already wired
in. It is in perfect working order. Roughly around 100 hours on it. I
don’t do burnouts anymore so I no longer need the unit.

$275 plus shipping if needed.

I originally purchased this because of how simple it is to setup.
Plug your furnace right into the controller receptacle and the
controller plugs into the wall. Stick the thermo couple in the
furnace and your ready to go. Cheers,

Patrick Hastings