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[4Sale] Watch repair stock

Hi - I know this is kind of off subject but I wandered into a local
jeweler’s last week to see if I could borrow a saw frame for a
couple of hours. (Moved to a new studio, hid the saw) There were
several old cabinets in the shop and hoping for used tools, I asked
what was going on. The lady stated that her husband, a watch maker
and repair person, had passed away and they were selling his
inventory. She stated that he had been a watchmaker for 35 years.

They have an amazing array of parts and such. They said there were
over 10,000 watch crystals alone. Everything is in original
packaging in perfect order. I was impressed.

They would like to sell the whole inventory to one person or a group
that would split it up themselves. They are asking $15,000 for the
whole bundle cabinets and all, I believe.

I have no way of knowing what the value is, but if anyone has any
suggestions or has any interest I will get the to the

Celia T.