[4Sale] Used jewelry making equipment

I have the following items for sale. Most fairly heavy so local
pickup most economical. If shipping needed items will be packed &
shipped by UPS with the cost added to sale.

Please contact me off line for prices, photos, and any further

Neycraft Spincaster with extra (new) spring

Neycraft Burnut Oven

Swest electronic kiln minder

3/4 Wax injector

Cavallin 120mm wire/flat combo rolling mill

Custom built basic jewelers bench.

3.5HP double piston air compressor with 20 gal tank (no shipping,
local pickup only)**

Bench top sandblaster box with hose, nozzle, foot treadle,
collection vac, & and garnet sand (no shipping, local pickup only)

Les Brown

Hi Leslie,

Errr…local pickup is great…if only we knew were you were. Prices up
front would be helpful as well.